Diagnostic & Preventive

Dental Cleaning and Checkups
During a dental cleaning, you will be seen by one of our knowledgeable hygienists. They will gently perform a physical exam of your entire mouth, checking for anything out of the ordinary such as signs of gingivitis. They will remove plaque and tartar with a dental scaler.

Digital X-Rays
A member of our highly trained dental team will insert a sensor into your mouth and capture images of your teeth or jaws. This information is sent directly to a computer, so that we can view the images on a screen and properly treat you.

Flouride Treatments and Dental Sealants
Fluoride treatment and dental sealants are used to protect your teeth. Fluoride works with your saliva when it enters your mouth. Once inside, it penetrates your enamel and works with the calcium and phosphate in your teeth to create fluoroapatite. Fluroropatite is strong, more resistant to and protects your teeth from decay.

Oral Cancer Evaluations
Checking for oral cancer is a normal part of a dental checkup. During this examination, your dentist will review your oral tissue, looking inside and outside the mouth.